Continuing To Put Rutherford County Values Into Action

Creating More Good-paying Jobs

In the past 4 years, we have seen unprecendented job growth. On top of that, we are blessed that so many businesses are choosing to establish operations in Rutherford County. Let’s encourage this success by further cutting burdensome red tape and regulations that prevent business owners from hiring. Our community must continue to be Tennessee’s best place for workers to find great-paying and fulfilling work.

Making County Government Small and Efficient

You are responsible and your household has to live within its means. Why shouldn’t government? The goods news is that we are keeping Rutherford County focused on the things that are most important, not the things it has no business or right to do. County services should continue to be effecient and focused on core missions that benefit our citizens.

Backing Local Law Enforcement

Our men and women in uniform work hard everyday to protect Rutherford County. From keeping families safe, to enforcing Tennessee’s immigration laws, they are doing the work that allows this community to thrive. We have made sure that we have their backs by directing resources to various departments. Unlike the radical socialists in Congress, we want to empower law enforcement to do their job.

Keeping Taxes Low

As Mayor, Bill Ketron had believed it’s incredibly important that we keep taxes low in Rutherford County. A more predictable tax structure will allow hard-working families and innovative businesses be able to plan for the future more effectively. We must continue to be good stewards of tax dollars.

Supporting Local Schools and MTSU

One of our top priorities has been delivering  world-class education opportunities for students and their families. County government will continue to ensure that schools and teachers have the resources they need for success in the classroom. We will also work with our partners at Middle Tennessee State University to promote their mission in preparing students for professional life.